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Degree material?

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday was oldest son’s high school graduation. I was plenty early enough, I thought, to get good seats. I parked and followed the throngs of grads in robes and family members in whatever passed for their Sunday best into the the arena where it was being held. I opted for a tie and pants but it was so warm I left the jacket behind.

It was pretty crowded already, so I took a seat further away from the action. I got myself settled in and started to look over the program, automatically scanning the list of graduates’ names for my son’s.

Funny. I couldn’t find it.

I looked a few more times, turned the program over. And then saw the name of the school on the cover. Which wasn’t my son’s high school. The school in a town I used to live in was holding its graduation in the arena right next door to the civic auditorium where I was supposed to be.

Yeah I can be pretty clueless like that, but fortunately I got to the right place by the right time. Still, a little Dr. John wouldn’t hurt.

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Failow Your Bliss

April 4, 2010 10 comments

I didn’t think I needed Twitter.

Facebook was doing a good job keeping me up to date on my friend’s lives. But ever since keeping my Facebook feeds clear of quiz results, horoscopes and zombies became more strenuous than weeding my Farmville* plot, I started turning to Twitter for the no-frills approach to finding out what’s moving and shaking the people whose opinions I really care about.

But it wasn’t until the whole Jesse James and Sandra Bullock situation that I realized the value of twitter as a forensic tool. When did Michelle “Bombshell” McGee start following Jesse James (whose Twitter, frankyluckman, has been deactivated, probably on the sage advice of the lawyer who suggested he check into racism rehab, and told the media that the Nazi paraphernalia was a gift from his Jewish godfather) and vice versa?

I admit it, I found myself rubbernecking past the public posts of people who I decidedly would never friend on Facebook. It’s just a matter of time before I decide to follow one of them. But I think I’d feel better about it if Twitter offered a new category. I think they should call it failow, a term I (according to Google and, more importantly, Urban Dictionary) just coined:

failow v. to follow (for example, on Twitter) someone you disdain in order to witness their contemptible behavior.

What do you think? And more importantly who would (or do) you failow?

* just kidding, I don’t do Farmville, I don’t even know if you have to do weeding there.

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